Introducing Leapfrog for Laravel

I thought I’d write a short blog post to introduce a little project that I’ve been working on recently in my spare time. I’ve called the project “LeapFrog”, and basically it’s a UI-based tool which helps you generate basic CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) boilerplate for your Laravel 5.4+ application (will be updating soon for Laravel 5.5).

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First impressions of Bash on Windows 10

This past weekend I had a chance to mess around with the new Bash functionality that is available on Windows 10. Although I typically use a Macbook Pro for all of my development needs, I was curious to see how running Ubuntu on Windows would compare.

I decided to use my personal website, which is built using Hugo, as a test case. Here’s what I found.

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Most important software development skills

Note: I originally wrote this post way back in 2011 but I managed to dig it up on That being said, I think it remains relevant today.

I was asked recently by the Human Resources department of the company I work for to answer a few questions for a student that was interested in working for our company. I was e-mailed a text file consisting of roughly 10 questions.

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